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Heaven Can Wait Program


We all have wishes, hopes, and dreams, but those can change in a second when you’ve been told you have terminal cancer and your fighting for your life.

The Heaven Can Wait Program was designed to help make the wishes, hopes, and dreams of our fellow brothers and sisters come true while Heaven Waits. Consider opening up your heart and home to make this possible. By opening up your home, you can provide them a warm and safe place to stay, which would allow them to see the attractions or landmarks they have always dreamed about in your area.

By opening up your heart, and making a donation to the Justice for a Cure “Heaven Can Wait” program, you can help us in making a fellow brother or sister’s final wish come true and support our family.

Please also consider being added to the “Angel” list, as someone willing to be of assistance to us, should we need to make arrangements in your area for someone’s final wishes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you...while heaven waits.

Justice for a Cure – Heaven Can Wait Program put to work

Our Heaven Can Wait Program was established to assist our brothers and sisters who are battling cancer, and have a final wish.

Our job is to do whatever possible to make that wish happen, while heaven waits.

We were able to make this happen for a Deputy in Wisconsin, in May 2016. This Deputy had been battling stage IV cancer for several years. Regardless of several treatments the cancer continued to grow, and he came to the difficult realization of his prognosis, but yet, he had one more thing he wanted to do.

His wish was a wish he wanted to give his wife. They had never been out West, and she wanted more then anything to see the great West with him.

Justice for a Cure stepped in to help. With the assistance of a local Cody Wyoming contact, Justice for a Cure was able to set them up in a top rated Motel with a mountain view, passes for local attractions, supper at a top rated local historical restaurant, and a personal meet & greet with a local guide and his wife.

It meant the world to them to see the great West, and to spend this time together in the peacefulness of the mountains.

May God bless him and his family.

Cancer took his life in November 2016.

Please sign up for our Heaven Can Wait Program here

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